Friday, March 4, 2011

I came across this quote by Marit  "This is what I learned on my creative journey and this is what you should keep in mind: Call it "scrapbook every day." Call it "art journal every day." Call it "create every day." Call it "write something every day" it as you like, but create the way YOU like best. Mix and match and don’t bother how it’s called. Don’t be afraid of the word "Art." Just be free and have fun!".

It expresses the way I feel about art.   I have had a fear of calling myself an artist.  I am afraid that other people will not think my work worthy of that title.  But I have taken possession of the title and decided that as the quote says, I won't be afraid of the word "ART".  I am just doing what makes me happy and scratching that creative itch.