Saturday, November 22, 2014

DD tag challenge

Sue has a 24 hr tag challenge to make a tag for our DD. See Thursday's post for details where to find the challenge.

Here is a tag I made and will submit. Didn't have long to create one but am very happy with how it turned out. With all I had going on today this was just what I needed to get my hands in my stash and create if only for a short time.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Video for DD challenge

YouTube Video

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December Daily Challenge

I am taking part in a December Daily Challenge on Sue Hiles youtube channel which is shiles728. If you are interested in participating then go check out Sues DD videos. She has all the information you will need. She has also set up a Facebook page for those who participate. It will be fun, come join us.

I used a Christmas book I found in a thrift store. I deconstructed the book. I used the cardboard from the front and back covers. Covered in papers and duck tape and decorated. I punched the holes to use with rings because I wanted to be able to take apart or lay flat to work on.
Inside front cover and first page. The star is a watercolor I did in 2012. I thought it would be nice to begin the book. The front inside of the cover is Away in the Manger. It signifies why I celebrate Christmas, which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.
This is to show how I created the signatures. I have five signatures with 7 pages each. The pages came from inside the deconstructed book. I'll alter those by painting and collaging. I'll add some pockets and other ways to save memories of this season. I'll add pictures and cards from friends.

Tis picture is just a sample of some of the other mixed media items I plan to use. It will be fun to work on this journal.
This is the book I deconstructed. I used some of the pages from the book to make my signatures.