Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red-winged Blackbird

One of the most abundant birds across North America, and one of the most boldly colored, the Red-winged Blackbird is a familiar sight atop cattails, along soggy roadsides, and on telephone wires. Glossy-black males have scarlet-and-yellow shoulder patches they can puff up or hide depending on how confident they feel. Females are a subdued, streaky brown, almost like a large, dark sparrow. In the North, their early arrival and tumbling song are happy indications of the return of spring.

Even though they are supposed to be abundant in our area, I have never seen one in our yard.  I saw these while at the farm.  I had a hard time catching him in a position where I could get a good picture of his shoulder patch. I had a great time talking with friends and watching these beautiful birds.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Jay

   We went to the farm this weekend to visit with friends.  We ate, rocked, talked, laughed and watched the birds.  There were Blue Jays, Blue Birds, Cardinals, Red Winged Blackbirds, Wrens, Titmouse, Chickadees, Doves, and so many more.  I took some good shots of the different birds.  One that I wanted to capture was the Blue Jay.  Here's one of the shots I took, of course with the zoom.  It was such a relaxing time, just catching up with one of my closet friends, enjoying the mountains and watching the birds.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Look what I found this weekend.  I got to go to Hobby Lobby and get some TH Distress markers, with coupons.  Then went to Cheap Joe's Art Supplies outlet store.  This was my first trip there and it was great.  I picked up things that I couldn't find locally.  I'd say I really scored on these finds.  YAY!!!!!

I've been wanting a KOI travel water color set.  Found it!  I have so many water colors now, I didn't really need it but I wanted it.  NOW IT HAPPILY SITS ON MY ART TABLE!