Friday, August 12, 2011


I started the AJ page by gluing fabric scraps to the page, adding gesso and color to the background.  I decided I wanted to go with the butterfly and birds, then added the girl.  After that I just continued to build the background which has several layers and different types of paint, pan pastels and charcoal pencil work. I wrote the sentiment and kept adding layers until I felt that it all blended together and expressed what I wanted to express.  When I finished, I realized that the original fabric scraps are barely visible but have great texture.  I think that I'll start another page and leave a little more of the fabric background.  That's what is so fun about AJ pages.  They give you the opportunity to experiment without a lot of time or supplies invested in the outcome.  The more you experiment, the better you become.  You are able to see how the products work, what you like or don't like and best of all you can just have FUN.

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