Monday, March 26, 2012

Random thoughs on blogging

I've discovered that to create art is exposing a deeply personal part of myself.  To share this deeply personal side of my personality can be quite scary.  Sharing my art exposes what I see and feel and how I interpret the world around me.  With the internet and this world of blogging, it becomes very scary for me to expose this side of myself.  It leaves me open for others to judge (oh yes you know you do).  I can only hope that the judging will be less and the enjoyment will be greater.

I wrestle with whether I should continue to blog or just forget this journey.  I sometimes get discouraged, by the lack of comments.  I do post on several other sites and get some awesome comments which is very encouraging.  I've begun to add some of those comments to this blog in the post, so that I'll remember and have them in a central location.  Comments, give the artist a spark of encouragement.  At least I know they do for me.  I don't really think that I have to be validated, but it does make me feel good when someone finds that a piece of mine sparks something in them that makes them smile.

Then I have to step back and consider why do I blog.  For me it has become a personal journey to chronicle this art journey.  I love to go back and see the things I've blogged.  It brings back memories and images for every post I've made.  In some ways the blog becomes a digital scrapbook of my art journey.  On many occasions, I've had friends ask to see my work.  It is a easy way to direct them to a collections of what I'm working on now and in the past.

I think, no matter whether others would see this blog or not, I'd continue for my own personal artistic journey.


  1. I definitely know how you feel. I sometimes am discouraged at the lack of comments. I feel like maybe if I am more diligent about sharing on my blog then folks will comment more. Sometimes I will share on my Facebook page that I blogged just to let folks know there is new content for viewing. I am sorry you are feeling this way, but know that I visit your blog often and some days I forget to comment. I will really try and leave you a little note every time I stop by. Thanks for sharing how you were feeling.

  2. Carol, I enjoy looking at your creations and reading about what inspired you and what materials you used. I hope you will continue to share!


  3. Thanks Julie and Margaret. Your comments mean a great deal to me.