Monday, March 26, 2012

Random thoughts on inspiration

There are times in my art journey where I am overwhelmed with inspiration.  Those are the times when the creative process just flows on its own.  The pages for my journals or images on a canvas just seem to create themselves.  But inspiration, like anything else, can come and go.  Those are the times when I think that there is simply nothing left to express.  Those are the times when I just have to walk away and pursue other interests.  When I come back, the world seems fresh and ready to flow from my fingers.

Then sometimes it seems that out of the blue, inspiration will strike.  It may be from something I see around me, something from the media, even sometimes it comes in the form of a dream.  Yesterday, I had a dream that screamed, sketch me.  I did a sketch that was only a snip-it of the dream.  I had to get it on paper.  It wasn't exactly as I'd dreamed it but then I think the dream was only meant to be a spark to something else evolving in my brain.  The owl wasn't part of the dream, but rather a nondescript bird nestled in logs and leaves.  I'd been sketching owls for another project and he seemed to fit this design better.

JJ commented: "I love it...I dream about colors...I think we are called....artists!!! xo"

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