Sunday, August 25, 2013

Handmade Gelli Journal

I made this Journal using the top lid of a Krispy Kreme box. The inside pages are all created with the gelli plate. I like it so much that I probably won't even alter the pages inside, at least for awhile.

The texture on the covers were created with wood filler, stencils, paint, varnish, sanding between layers and then a final seal using Dorland's cold wax medium. The signatures were bound with a pamphlet stitch. The beads from my stash were added as a decorative element.

A couple of examples of the inside pages. There are three signatures with seven (8 1/2 x 11 inch) folded pages in each signature. That comes out to 86 different half page surfaces to either continue to alter or enjoy. Right now I'll probably leave them as is and just enjoy. The designs that you can achieve with the Gelli plate are so pretty that sometimes it is hard to even consider doing something else to them.
This was a lot of fun to create and done over a period of time.
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  1. Really cool, Carol! I love the details on your journal cover, and you're right about those gelli prints being hard to cover up sometimes. Great job on this.