Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Daily Week 1 challenge

UPDATE: Photos lost from this post.

Kristy Nitro on youtube put up a challenge for week one. Pick 3 of the following to complete the challenge. I did all 7 which means I get two chances to win. Go on over to her youtube challenge to check it out.

1. Make a list
2. A page that represents you
3. DIY make it merry
4. Say it with bling
5. Deck the halls
6. Anything goes
7. Candles

1. Is on my Thanksgiving pages where I created a list of the food we served.
2. I really think all the pages represent me and my style but I am also in several pictures.
3. I made the place cards for 20 and all the snowflakes on various pages.
4. I blinged up multiple pages. The jingle bell page, any page with snowflakes, the Christmas party pages where I blinged up the snowflakes even more than using only glitter and the O Christmas Tree page. On this one I used napkins and then glitter to make them sparkle.
5. Deck the halls is represented in the decorating page JingleBells. I made the bows on the wreaths and decorated the front and back of the house. I like the way this page looks like a window pane, especially sense the decorations are on windows and doors.
6. Anything goes - is the page opposite the Jingle Bells page. I've had this Norman Rockwell picture for years. I keep bringing it out every Christmas to use in my scrapbook and keep putting it back. Since it was a window like the opposite page I decided it was time to use it.
7. Candles - is represented by the new candle topper and plate I bought at a thrift store. The angels (one of which didn't show up in the picture) are both candles.

I also did the inks in red, green or blue by Sue Hiles on the O Christmas tree page on two different pages. Also the 3x4 card is covered by the Thanksgiving place cards.

I filled up the first of my signatures in this first week. I'm going to add eyelets to the signatures before adding back into the book to ensure the pages don't come apart with use. I'm using some of the images that I really like from the book I deconstructed.

Next weeks pages and next signature start with buying and trimming the tree. I've had laryngitis all week so in order to satisfy the challenge I am posting the pictures below. You couldn't understand me on a video even if I attempted to make it.

The pictures are taken in the order they are in the book. I started with Thanksgiving and will go to the end of December. We have three birthdays the week after Christmas and I want to capture them in this book.

This is a wonderful project and I am so thankful to Sue Hiles for starting it. I posted her link in the last post. Also we have a face book group called December Daily Inspiration Group - Anything goes. It's a great group and this project is lots of fun.

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  1. Your pages turned out really nice! Thanks for sharing!!