Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily -Week 3 challenge

For this challenge I chose to do the following three things:

1. Make it pop -3D and use washi tape on the page.
I made this snow globe. I used packing to cut the base and paint. I used a copy of Santa from the children's book "Night before Christmas". Also a gold paint pen to edge it and a sticker for the base that says "Peace".

The 3D part is represented in the lid. I used a Pringles lid to make the rim of the globe. It is definitely 3D and it pops! It is very interactive. Inside there are Stampendous shaved ice flakes which are glittered flakes. They move all around as you tilt the page.

I also added some washi tape to frame the bottom of both pages.
2. Glitter and gold
This is a picture of the entire page. The globe is edged with gold paint pen and there are shaved ice flakes in the globe ( which are glittered flakes).
3. Winter Wonderland
I sprayed "snow spray" on the doilies on each page. I didn't think that it was wintery enough so I added embossing paste around the bottom of the tree and the edges of the doilies to make it more dimensional and look more like snow.

When I look at these two pages, I immediately think of a winter wonderland scene. Although we probably won't have a white Christmas, I can enjoy one in my DD.


  1. Hi Carol! The snow globe looks so cute and the gold and glitter I love! And what a great take on Winter Wonderland. Thanks so much for participating and I will make sure Kristy includes your name in the challenge. :) It's really great to have you be part of this whole thing Carol! Sue